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SafesSafes - Safes come in a large range of sizes to help protect your small things as well as your larger things; some of these safes consist of gun safes, Sentry safes, diversion safes, wall safes, home safes, fire safes and others.

Decoy diversion safe (Click to enlarge)
Decoy diversion safe

Decoy safe diversion safe (Click to enlarge)
Decoy safe diversion safe

Diversion safe outdoor
Diversion safe outdoor

Diversion safes are made from an otherwise ordinary object such as a beer can, stone or even a wall outlet plug. The idea is that valuables hidden in these safes don't look out of place and fool burglars.

Diversion Safes

The diversion safe is a unique home-security product which keeps your valuables "hidden" right out in the open. Money, jewellery etc can be discreetly stored inside these decoy look-a-like containers and kept in their seemingly rightful places. Each hidden safe is indistinguishable from the genuine product and is even weighted to feel full.

These cheap yet effective hiding spots are inexpensive alternatives to the more conventional fireproof safes that burglars love to steal outright. Even bolted to your floor, a determined burglar can very quickly remove the heavy duty safe causing damage to your floor and get away with your valuables.

Beer Can Diversion Safe

Diversion safes cheap
Diversion safes cheap
Price: $14.95 each

The beer can diversion safe offers a convenient hiding spot for your coolest items. Brand name beers are modified to contain a hidden compartment that is hidden from plain view. Unscrew the top of the can and place your valuables, cash, or whatever else you have that you don't want found inside and screw the top back on. It will fit in with the rest of your drinks right in your refrigerator.

Household Can Diversion Safe

Decoy diversion safes
Decoy diversion safes
Price: $14.95 each

A household can diversion safe is made from an everyday item that naturally goes underneath the sink. The bottom of the can safe unscrews to reveal your secret hiding spot. Put what you want to hide inside, screw the bottom back on and place it right under the kitchen sink.

All prices quoted on this page are indicative US prices at July 2006 - prices may change - please check with the retailer.

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TBO-TECH - The beer can, household can and stone safe diversion safes featured on this page can be purchased online from this site. Ships to the USA only. www.tbotech.com

1st Line Security - The featured coffee can diversion safe is available to buy online from this website. Ships Internationally. www.1stlinesecurity.com

Stone Safe Diversion Safe

So you've locked yourself out of your house and you don't have your keys. What do you do? You reach down and pick up a rock that you've strategically placed. You take out your key and let yourself in. Problem solved!

Big stone diversion safe (Click to enlarge)
Big stone diversion safe
Price: $8.95 each

This stone safe diversion safe is a realistic looking rock that contains a secret compartment just right for hiding a key or another small object. Blends right in and can save you time and frustration. Just about anyone can use these diversion safes since rocks are everywhere. How out of place would a rock look outside?

Coffee Can Diversion Safe

Coffee can diversion safes (Click to enlarge)
Coffee can diversion safes
Price: $13.95

Coffee can diversion safe. Recommended by Law Enforcement agencies around the world! Place container anywhere! Take them with you on vacation Place them in the house ... anywhere!! Your cash & valuables could not be safer then in these coffee can diversion safes

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